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all:ambient Licensing Agreement

This license agreement is made between the you, the Licensee and all:ambient, a division of Echoes Blue Music Limited, in relation to the musical works made available to license via the all:ambient website (hereafter referred to as ‘Works’) at

all:ambient guarantee

all:ambient guarantees that it owns and controls the worldwide rights to license the Work(s)

Licensee guarantee

The Licensee agrees that, to the best of their knowledge, at the time of purchase they fit the description of the License Tier (Solo, Independent, Independent +, or Commercial) they have selected on the all:ambient website.

Terms of License

  1. By purchasing a License, the Licensee obtains the non-exclusive, worldwide right to use the Work(s) in their Project(s), in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. The Licensee understands that if they use the Work(s) for a purpose that contravenes the spirit of the License Tier (for example in a commercial context if the License purchased was for non-commercial usage only) then the License is void and all:ambient reserves the right to charge the Licensee for any usage of the Work(s).
  3. The Licensee agrees to credit any Work(s) used in their Project(s) where possible and appropriate.
  4. The Licensee agrees not to: i) claim authorship of the Work(s), ii) transfer, share or sub-lease this license with any other party, without express permission from all:ambient, iii) adapt, remix, or otherwise reinterpret the Work(s) in any audio-only context, iv) make the Work(s) available to stream or download for free, or for commercial gain, as part of any audio or music-related collections. For the avoidance of any doubt - the Licensee is permitted to fade / cut / adapt the Work(s) to fit a film soundtrack or other visual media, or as background music to a podcast or similar. However, the Licensee is not permitted to adapt and/or publish the Work(s) in a music-only context such as (but not limited to) a remix or compilation album (free or commercial), or upload the Work(s) to any music streaming site.
  5. The Licensee agrees not to use the Work(s) in any contexts that are at odds with the inclusive and positive spirit of all:ambient and our artists. Themes include, but are not limited to: extreme violence, pornography, illegal drug use, and any themes that might cause significant political or cultural division.
  6. If the Licensee believes that they are at risk of contravening the terms of this Agreement, they agree to contact all:ambient prior to using the Work(s) in any further project.
  7. Both parties must, without delay and in good faith, attempt to resolve any dispute which arises out of or in connection with this Agreement prior to commencing any proceedings. 
  8. This Agreement shall be governed by and subject to the laws of Hong Kong SAR, applicable to agreements made and to be wholly performed therein.

Published on 9th May 2023.