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What is all:ambient?

Specialising in the very highest-quality ambient music, and with collections and albums that are completely exclusive to the platform, all:ambient is a new and exciting concept in the licensing world.

Our aim is to bring discerning creatives, videographers, and filmmakers the very best in ambient music in a truly curated and unique fashion. Every month, we release a new themed collection of ambient music, with everything from cinematic to soundscape, vocal ambient to neo-classical covered in our ever-expanding catalog.

We are fully committed to transparent business practices, and supporting the independent artists and labels we represent on all:ambient. Unlike many other licensing websites, we channel the vast majority of our revenues back to the people behind the music, keeping just 15% for administrative and marketing costs.

If you have any questions about all:ambient and what we offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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