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Spacewalks & Celestial Sirens

Otherworldly, ethereal ambience that transports you to the stars and back. 

The Spacewalks & Celestial Sirens collection includes the following tracks:

  1. faintface & Anita Tatlow - Horizon Dreams (Infralyd Rework)
  2. Anita Tatlow - The Farthest Star
  3. Antarctic Wastelands & IKSRE - Orbits
  4. Be Still the Earth - A Blanket of Stars
  5. Norvik - Silver
  6. Be Still the Earth - False Eclipse
  7. Antarctic Wastelands - I Can't Feel You Any More
  8. Antarctic Wastelands & Norvik - Time Speaks

SAVE 81% by purchasing this exclusive collection in comparison to licensing the tracks separately!

Spacewalks & Celestial Sirens

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Listen to all the tracks in the Spacewalks & Celestial Sirens collection below, on this Spotify playlist